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The Quiet Mind

A 'Gym' for your emotional well-being.

Well-being @ Hypnotherapy Space


Do you ever think to yourself, I wish I could just relax?

I just can't seem to relax. There's always so much to do.

 Work is so stressful and I feel drained.

I need to relax.

I wish there was something

I could do relax.

I just need some 'me time' where I don't have to run around or jump about?

The stress and anxieties of every day life affect us all. Be it workplace stress or home/family management. We already do many things to assist our physical well-being, eating healthy, exercise etc, but what about of emotional well-being - our Mind. We need to look after our Mind and emotional well-being just as much as we do our physical bodies.

Take 'The Quiet Mind' RelaxationCourse.

Learn to manage your stress and anxieties no matter where you are. Discover your triggers and learn coping strategies to suit your needs and situation. 

Well-being 'Learn to Relax' Course - x6 classes

(60 mins)

Course cost: £120

Weekly Relaxation classes

Tuesday evening @ 7:00 & 7:45

Saturday lunchtime @ 12:00 & 12:45

Health Space 307, Finchley Central, N3 1DP

(30 mins)

Single Class: £15

Block of x5: £65 (save £10)