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My Smoking Cessation Story


Susan E Curtin - Clinical Hypnotherapist

It's that time of the year again when you know that just around the corner is New Year's and all that goes with it.

You think to yourself, this year I will stop smoking, this year I will lose weight, this year I will join a gym and get fit.

If like many others (including myself) these heartfelt changes never quite last then I have news for you... 

This is my own story:

New Year 2003, once again I awoke on New Year's day with a mouth that felt like sandpaper from the previous New Year's eve celebrations where I had smoked a considerable amount of cigarettes whilst enjoying the festivities and promised myself I would never smoke again. Sound familiar - it did to me! I had said the same thing every year for the past sixteen years. Once again I made a New Year's resolution to become a Non-Smoker. 

I had tried countless times in the past, trying the usual methods, will power, nicotine patches etc., all to no avail. However this year I was determined to succeed, but I needed a new approach. I really did want to give up smoking, it was effecting my health, I smelt like an ashtray and it was costing me alot of money.

I researched all the methods that were available to smokers to help them to quit and stumbled upon an article regarding hypnosis and its success rates for helping people give up smoking. It claimed to achieve this without any side effects or the need for will power. Naturally I was suspicious and thought, how could this be true. Surely if it were true more people would be quitting smoking everyday. But with nothing to lose and everything to gain I contacted the BSCH and the CNHC to find a qualified hypnotherapist in my area.

Of course like everybody else I was skeptical but my wish to become a non-smoker and the need to do so 'easily' brought me to the hypnotherapists door! I was a little nervous but I needn't have been as the hypnotherapist made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions and aleviated all my worries. All in all it was a very informative and relaxed experience and the hypnotherapist didn't judge me for being a smoker in the first place. From my hypnotherapy session, there and then, I stopped smoking and became a non-smoker. That was 11 years ago and I am still a HAPPY NON-SMOKER TODAY! 

The above can be achieved comfortably and safely with Hypnosis.